TYK - Koulurakennus

Tampereen Yhteiskoulun Lukio, Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School, is an independent school established in 1895. Thousands of senior secondary students have been educated in our school ever since. In 1991 our school was nominated as an arts-oriented senior secondary school by the Finnish Ministry of Education. Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School is a highly esteemed and valued institution ready to meet the requirements of a constantly changing society. 

The school provides a broadly-based education program designed to enable all students to discover their strengths, make the most of their talents at school and beyond, and appreciate and increase human culture. We are also committed to creating respect for individuality and human diversity. Our school provides a dynamic learning environment in which all the students are encouraged to participate in lessons as well as in all other school activities. 

The school has a motivated atmosphere rich in creativity and individuality. The teachers are high-quality professionals guiding and teaching the students with both ambition and compassion. The teachers work hard to make every student succeed and thrive in their own way. 

The goal of senior secondary schools is to give general education. The goal of expressive arts is to teach culture and art which are a part of general education. 

The aim of expressive arts is to prime, support, and sustain the students’ creativity.  An expressive arts-oriented school supports the total capacity of a student’s mind and intuition. At our school, both science and art are always present. 

We believe that our students will become responsible, caring, and critical individuals with a thirst for knowledge, citizens with a strong understanding of other cultures, and people who can cooperate with other people in our own country and abroad.